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In the world of today, there is new and exciting technology available to help you track your child. Many Parents, of today, wish to track their kid to improve safety and also for convenience.

The goal of this site is to provide great information about how to track you kid. There are a lot of great tols for the process. Please email tips and advice to

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Track My Kid

Do you want to know where your kid is right now? Do you wonder if you child is safe? There are many ways to track your child and this site will explore some of those ways. The most common ways to track a child is with a GPS enabled mobile phone, a keylogger, GPS shoes, and a portable backtrack GPS device.

GPS Phone

The most popular and easiest way to track your kid is with a GPS enabled phone. Since 9/11, every phone must be enabled with GPS tracking capability. However, cell phone providers do not allow you to see the information unless you sign up for the service and pay an additional five to ten dollars per month. The difference in fee will determine how much information that they give you.

With an enabled GPS phone, you can track the phone on the internet and even with another mobile phone. You can actually be on the road and looking at where your child is (or at least where the phone is).

GPS Fence

Part of using a GPS enabled phone is the GPS fence. The fence will send you an alert if the phone goes out of an area you choose. This is great for children. If they go too far or get lost, an alert will let you know that something is up without having to constantly monitor the phone.


One thing that gets children into trouble is with the internet. For around $100.00, you can purchase a hardware keylogger that can't be detected with software. The device plugs into the back of the computer and the keyboard plugs into the keylogger. Unless your child is super geeky and worried, they will not ever notice the device. A hardware keylogger is the best solution because it can't get messed up with software issues.

You can also get software keyloggers. You simply purchase a keylogger by downloading it. You can then have the keylogger email you information on a daily basis. If you are worried about something a lot, then a software keylogger may be best because you can get alerted on a daily basis. Most software keyloggers are very difficult to detect by anti virus and malware programs. Some keyloggers even guarantee that they are not detectable. That is pretty scary.

GPS Shoes

A mobile phone can get lost and so can almost any device. The advantage to GPS shoes is that most people keep their shoes on and do not lose them.

GPS shoes are going to first be marketed to seniors that may wander off. Some seniors can't see that well or have diseases like alzheimers that can impair their ability to get home. Some people may constantly worry about their loved one walking off and not being able to come home. A good pair of GPS shoes can alleviate many of these peoples worries. The shoes will also be able to be programmed with lots of other useful information. For example, specific medical information will be useful for doctor visits. The shoes might also be programmed with weather information and investment info. Really, the sky is the limit. The shoes will also be able to notify emergency personnel in case of a problem.

GPS shoes are also likely to gain acceptance for children. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to track your child by their shoes? You wouldn't need to worry about your child losing their GPS enabled phone anymore. Smaller children would be much easier to track. The other aspect is the fun of seeing where your children are and what they are doing. For those of you with a big family, these shoes can be a big plus. You can plug into the computer or your handheld and see where everyone is at one glance. If spouse is at violin practice, you might be able to see where they are on the road coming home. You might see another child walking home from school. Suddenly, the speed of the information will make running your home a little easier and safer.


Have you ever worried about your child getting lost on the way home from school? It does happen. One device for this is a backtracker. The device can remember up to three locations. You can program your home, school, and whatever else you want into the backtracker. You will need to show your kid how to use the backtracking device. Then, if your child is unsure about how to get home they can just follow the backtracking device and they are there. Of course, your child could just call you with a cell phone as well.

Two other uses for backtrackers are for camping and vacations. When camping, you can use the backtracker to know how to get back to your truck or to camp. This is important because a lot of people get lost hiking just a few miles from camp or their car. In fact, some people die every year from getting lost just a few miles from camp. The backtracker is a great safety tool for any camper.

The backtracker is also very good for vacations. Have you ever spent a long time finding a hotel or a friends house? Then, the next day you go driving and are all lost again. It is frustrating. The backtracker can be set so that you can easily make it back to the house or your hotel. If you go shopping, the backtracker can be used to help you find the car.

One of the conveniences of the backtracker devices is that you can easily set the device location. On many GPS devices, you set the latitude and longitude and it can be a bit tricky. With a backtracker, it is so easy to set. You can simply push a button to set your current location. When you are at a store, you can use the backtracker, on your keychain, to easily set the car location and then return to it later.

Tracking Your Kid

Many people want to track their kid for safety reasons. The most popular thing for parents to do is to give their child a GPS enabled cell phone. There are other devices that can be used such as a backtracker to find the way home and GPS shoes that are still in development. To keep your kid safe on the computer a keylogger is a good way to track their behavior and make sure nothing bad is going on. Finally, it is a good idea to set up a GPS fence to alert you when your kid is too far away from home. That way you can be immediately alerted to what is going on.






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